Steel City Sirens

The Steel City Sirens are an eclectic group of women with one thing in common: a love for hockey. We range in age from 18 and beyond, with a skill level just as diverse, from beginner to college level. We like to meet people where they're at, and get them to where they want to be. 

We currently are a part of the Mid-Atlantic Women's Hockey League (MAWHL), which allows us to play teams along the east coast. We are also not shy of Ohio, or even Canada. Wherever hockey will take us, we are willing to venture.

We also like to enjoy life. Our good times aren't only on the ice; we like the off-ice times together just as much too! From our annual fundraisers to road trips, to late night hotel shenanigans, the Sirens are a group of gals who know how to have fun!